Year: 2011

Selecting DOM elements and Events with JQuery

Continuing with JQuery(refer previous posts on JQuery Introduction to JQuery and Watermark textbox with JQuery) , today I thought to write down a small article about selecting DOM elements and events in JQuery. This will show the power of JQuery,

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Watermark textbox with JQuery

The more I explore JQuery, the more I get impressed with its power and flexibility. With classic JavaScript what you are writing with ten lines of code. The same functionality you can achieve with JQuery in fewer lines. This is

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Introduction to JQuery

JQuery is developed by John Resiq. JQuery was first announced at BarCamp NYC in 2006. JQuery grows fast and become very popular between web developers. Google, Microsoft and others like the JQuery concept and adopt it immediately. You can get

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How to make joins in SQL Server

In database joins are used to retrieve data from two or more table based on logical relationship between these tables. A typical join specifies a forgien key from one table and its associated primary key in the other table. To

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Creating table in SQL Server

You can create table in MS SQL Server either of the following way, •Enterprise Manager •Transact SQL (T-SQL) statement Here I will show you how to create table using T-SQL. The syntax is as below for creating table,

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Unable to connect local server

I was on vocation and when I came back and try to start SQL server. It gives me below error. Connect to Server ———————————– Cannot connect to localhost. ———————————– ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a