Entity Framework tries to create database

Last week I faced one problem. I created one website using MVC3and Entity Framework. When I hosted the website I start getting the below error.

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master’

I checked the connection string in web.config file. It looks fine. I checked the connection string key its similar to my Context calss. Then where the problem is? Why Entity Framework is trying to create a table in Master database.

I suggest that if you face this issue, check the following things.

  1. Check your connection string in web.config file. Is the database name, User Id and password is correct.
  2. Second point is your context class name should be equal to your connection string name.
  3. In global.asax file, in application start method write down the following line,

I solve this issue by making the context class to null. You need to include the reference of System.Data.Entity in your Global.asax class.

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