Last week I faced one problem. I created one website using MVC3and Entity Framework. When I hosted the website I start getting the below error. CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master’ I checked the connection string in web.config file. …

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While working on a project I come across a problem while saving data in database. The data I was trying to save contains HTML tags. I created this web page using Entity Framework for data access, and auto generated controller …

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Continuing with JQuery(refer previous posts on JQuery Introduction to JQuery and Watermark textbox with JQuery) , today I thought to write down a small article about selecting DOM elements and events in JQuery. This will show the power of JQuery, …

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You can create table in MS SQL Server either of the following way, •Enterprise Manager •Transact SQL (T-SQL) statement Here I will show you how to create table using T-SQL. The syntax is as below for creating table,

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